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HV Series Plastcompactor Agglomerator / Densifier

Herbold HV Series Plastcompactors Agglomerator / Densifiers are used for the processing and preparation of plastics including the agglomeration of powders, fibers, film and foam materials; drying of powders, fibers, film and foam materials; re-crystallization of PET flakes; and compounding of thermo-plastics and fillers.

Processing takes place under continuous operation between a rotating and a fixed compaction disc, both equipped with screw-fitted, replaceable kneading rails. The pre-granulated material (from 0-10 to 0-25 mm depending on type) is conveyed continuously from a feed silo through the center of the fixed disc into the processing area by means of a feed screw.The material is rapidly heated up by the friction against and between the compactor discs.