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Model NumberWorking
Width In.
Diameter In.
Width In.
Motor HPThruput*
SML 60/100 HB 40 24 39 60-130 0.5-3.0
SML 60/145 HB 57 24 57 73-177 0.8-4.0
SML 80/120 HB 47 31 63 125-180 1.0-5.0
SML 80/200 HB 63 31 79 150-220 1.2-6.0
* PET Bottles 12 mm screen. Appr. value corresponds to the smallest and largest motors, with sharp knives.


Herbold HB granulators combines the features of a shredder with a large infeed hopper and hydraulic ram, with a horizontally fed granulator in a space saving design.

The special design of the grinding chamber and the high cutting frequency, allow it to transform bales, cut open film rolls, mingled packs of sprue spiders and extremely large and thick-walled purgings into the finished product in a single step.

Bulk hollow bodies, like IBC containers and rainwater collecting basins can be processed quickly and economically. The large infeed hopper, accepts high volumes of material eliminating the need for dosed feeding. 

Because there is only one size reduction step, cleaning, color and material changes are much easier:  Single machine operation means less knive maintenance downtime and costs.