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Model NumberInletRotorWeight Lbs.Drive Power HPThroughput Lbs./Hr
SMF 500/1000 12 x 39 19.5 13,200 60-125 110-4,400

Model SMF Fine Grinders

HERBOLD SMF Series Fine Granulators are fast running units with a high cutting sequence for grinding all types of material.  Some examples are:

  • Cellulose pulverization
  • Plastic chips, e.g. from the production of pipes and profiles or the reduction of semifinished products
  • Plastic fibers for the production of fillers and asbestos substitutes
  • Foam for the production of special composite foams and for refeed to the solvent process
  • Fine grinding of rubber
  • Film processing without regranulating to improve flow and increase the bulk density or storability