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ModelNSA Rated ThroughtputCutting ChamberRotor DiameterRotor WidthRotor KnivesBed KnivesMotorScreen
SML 35/42 750 lbs. / Hour N/A 12.6 16.5 3 1 30 HP High Security

Model SML 35/42 Disintegrator


The Herbold SML 35/42 Disintegrator is small to mid-size disintegrator capable of destroying high volumes of classified / top secret documents down to particle sizes mandated by the NSA and RCMP. In fact, the SML 35/42 is Listed on the NSA Evaluated Products List for Paper Destruction Equipment and is Approved by the RCMP.

This compact, robust unit features integrated sound insulation and a housing that is split above the rotor for easy access to knives and screens. Herbold's exclusive knife adjustment fixture allows rotor and bed knife adjustment/setup to be performed outside the machine for significantly reduced downtime during knife changeover.  

Government of Canada Approved

The SML 35/42 Disintegrator is Government of Canada approved for the destruction of paper up to Top Secret, and hard drive platters and DLT tapes and like IT Media up to under Top Secret CSE ITSG-06 Guidelines. This machine is CSE ITSP 40.006 V2 capable.