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Mechanical Dryers

This unit can be used as a dryer or as an intensive washer.  The Mechanical dryers operate as a centrifuge for film, regrind and mixed plastics.  The wet fractions and the fines are mechanically dried in this centrifuged dryer and at the same time the contaminations are removed by the high impact energy and then will be evacuated. 

Thermal Dryers

Thermal dryers convey material into a stainless steel cyclone and discharge it through the bottom opening into the dryer via a rotary airlock valve.


HVT Dryer

The HVT dryer series has been developed for particularly gentle and energy efficient drying. The machine is used in the recycling of regrind, especially of hollow bodies and PET bottles, polyolefins and other plastics.

HV Series Plastcompactor Agglomerator / Densifier

Herbold HV Series Plastcompactor Agglomerator / Densifiers are used for the processing and preparation of plastics including the agglomeration of powders, fibers, film and foam materials; drying of powders, fibers, film and foam materials; re-crystallization of PET flakes; and compounding of thermo-plastics and fillers.