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Friction Washer

The Herbold Friction Washer is used to wash highly contaminated film flakes. They are used for discharging treated material mixed with water from a wet grinder. This also can be used in special cases where the friction washer can be installed in front of or after washing tank and hydrocyclone units.

The Friction Washer is made of a cylindrical trough with an inclined fast running paddle screw to dewater and clean ground material. The screw is fixed in the housing by means of 2 bearings and enclosed by a stainless steel screen. The ground material and water are fed from above at the lower end of the trough. Then the material is washed while being transported to the outlet at the top of the trough. Fine and water are thrown through the fines screen to the outside while the friction of the hi-speed screw cleans the material. The drain is located at the lower end of the trough. The screen is automatically cleaned by means of a water rinsing unit.