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Pipe, Profile & Extrusion Granulators/Shredders

For the efficient size reduction of pipes, profiles and extrusions including heavy, thick-walled pipe.

Profile / Pipe Granulators SMP

Herbold SMP profile / pipe granulators have specially been developed to be able to feed long pipes, plates and profiles without cutting them into sections. They feature multi-knife rotors designed to automatically draw in the pipes and profiles after having entered them into the feed channel.

Heavy Pipe & Profile Granulators SMR

Herbold Series SMR heavy profile / pipe granulators with feed trough offer a special design for the size reduction of long and thick-walled pipes, start-up lumps, and bundles of profiles.

EWS-R Heavy Pipe/Profile

The EWS-R 85/90 is a Heavy Pipe/Extrusion shredder available single or twin drives, hydraulic ram, trough cover and 33" diameter rotor.